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Pyro Pyro

Rated 5 / 5 stars


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F-777 - Fairy Dust F-777 - Fairy Dust

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Overall, I felt like the song could have used more layers, especially at the drops. The percussion at the beginning is a little buried, but I love those voice chops XD I think there should have been a buildup to the part at 0:57, or at least some sort of effect or cymbal to "smoothen" the transition. The drops weren't very distinguished, but I see that as more of a style thing. I think it's creative to stray from the classic EDM song structure, but I found myself sort of confused at how to register how each part of the song was contributing to the other parts. Each part of the song was well done imo, but how it all came together overall, I feel like each part was independent.

Awesome work, Jesse.

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Market Day (KindLing A0S1) Market Day (KindLing A0S1)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Another Miyolophone masterpiece. It's beautiful, inspiring, and holds a lot of emotion, but I feel like your transitions could have been smoother. Maybe add a backwards cymbal to tie two somewhat contrasting parts together. Absolutely amazing work. 5 stars :)

Miyolophone responds:

Thanks for the advice, and I'm happy you liked it :D

Volt Volt

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

And now for an incredibly belated review:

I have a lot of small problems with this track. I like the intro - the background arps are nice and the synth at 0:15 goes with the flow nicely, but I think your buildup to the next part was longer than it needed to be and I lost my anticipation. I like the part at 0:45 but it sort of feels like a whole new song. I feel like the part at 1:15 was unnecessary, and sort of detracted from the flow of the track, because then everything changes again at 1:30 just for the build-up. And then there was the drop... where everything all of a sudden makes sense :P It was incredibly well mixed, especially the arps. Although I think it would have made it legendary if you had added some louder shakers when it repeats at 2:00. I really liked that you added the bass in at 2:30, it got me groovy again before I got bored with the bridge :) The melody at the second drop was greatly appreciated, as I felt that for most of the song the track was lacking a solid melody. As the long came to a close, I felt like the arps were a little overpowering, but it wasn't too much.

Enough criticism from me. All of it is just to mold this song to my taste. Really, you know better than I with what to do with your track. I just wanted to share my feedback. I enjoy listening to this very much. It's catchy, well mixed, and has a lot of variation. Keep making awesome music, Lockyn!

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Lockyn responds:

thank you for the feedback - I appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed regardless!